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NFC South regular-season predictions: New Orleans Saints

Imbued with the mystical touch of his head coach Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints quarterback will overcome almost every obstacle in his path.

Imbued with the mystical touch of his head coach Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints quarterback will overcome almost every obstacle in his path.

We are come, my brothers and sisters, to the third installment in our four-part season predicting the outcome of every regular-season game for all four NFC South teams.

Having demonstrated my evenhanded prognosticatory predilections with the Carolina Panthers and my fair and balanced overage of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it’s time to cast the knuckles and divine the fate of our next contender: the New Orleans Saints. Who Dat!

Week 1: vs. Atlanta Falcons

This is going to be one of the most anticipated openers of the season. Fans will be yapping back and forth the entire preseason. And no wonder. Saints v. Falcons is one of the best rivals in the NFL right now. Unfortunately, rookie cornerbacks Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford aren’t ready for a quarterback the caliber of Drew Brees this early, while the defense of newly acquired coordinator Rob Ryan isn’t ready for Matt “Matty Ice” Ryan. Not to mention, this game marks the return of Saints head coach Sean Payton. This is going to be one hell of a high-scoring game.

Final score: Saints 38, Falcons 34

Week 2: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Rob Ryan’s defense can’t handle wide receivers Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams and the Muscle Hamster, running back Doug Martin. Breesus and wide receiver Marques Colston make cornerback Darrelle Revis look human — but this time, it’s Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman closing out the game.

Final score: Saints 28, Bucs 31

Week 3: vs. Arizona Cardinals

Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald & Co. make a trip to the Superdome. Fitz has a field day, racking up over 120 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns, but it’s just not enough. Colston struggles with cornerback Patrick Peterson, but Cool Brees connects with tight end Jimmy Graham “Cracker” for a big game on par with Fitz’s.

Final score: Saints 24, Cardinals 21

Week 4: vs. Miami Dolphins

Miami comes in to the Superdome with a balanced attack. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill witnesses firsthand what an elite quarterback can do. The Dolphins quickly find themselves forced to play catch-up — never an easy task in Who Dat Nation.

Final score: Saints 34, Dolphins 24

Week 5: @ Chicago Bears

This turns out to be a hard-fought game. The Bears defense shows up at a high level to keep the pressure off the new offensive scheme brought by head coach Marc Trestman.

Final score: Saints 17, Bears 20

Week 6: @ New EnglandPatriots

Tight end Rob Gronkowski likely remains out with injury, and even if he’s back, he’s not at 100 percent. It doesn’t matter. Quarterback Tom Brady picks apart this defense, while Brees puts up no shortage of yards and touchdowns. The man with the better weapons prevails in the end.

Final score: Saints 31, Pats 28

Week 7: Bye

Week 8: vs. Buffalo Bills

Running back C.J. Spiller has a huge game here. Whether Kevin Kolb or rookie E.J. Manuel starts at quarterback, it won’t matter. The Bills don’t have what it takes to stop Brees & Co.

Final score: Saints 28, Bills 24

Week 9: @ New York Jets

Poor defense, meet terrible offense. New York doesn’t have a chance against the NFC South teams. This one is another blowout.

Final score: Saints 41, Jets 17

Sean Payton will be reunited with Drew Brees to make another playoff run.

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton will be reunited with quarterback Drew Brees to make another playoff run.

Week 10: vs. Dallas Cowboys

Dallas ambles into town for a with Rob Ryan, who has something special dialed up for quarterback Tony Romo. Although linebacker Demarcus Ware gets to Brees and wide receiver Dez Bryant has a strong showing, Dallas comes up short in a classic Romo fourth-quarter collapse.

Final score: Saints 27, Cowboys 24

Week 11: vs. San Francisco 49ers

Wide receiver Michael Crabtree still hasn’t returned from injury. Payton draws up some special plays for versatile running back Darren Sproles to help out the offensive line and protect Brees from linebacker Aldon Smith and his colleagues. Sproles responds by showing uup big just when the Saints need him the most.

Saints 17, 49ers 16

Week 12: @ Atlanta Falcons

Brees takes a visit to Atlanta with a lot of momentum — nine wins and the division lead — setting up to be another rivalry classic in what could be the closest NFC South title race in years. This one comes down to another Matt Ryan fourth-quarter comeback drive.

Final score: Saints 27, Falcons 31

Week 13: @ Seattle Seahawks

New Orleans goes into Seattle looking to put some breathing room between them and the rest of the division. They fail to find it in this titanic battle between two great teams. Brees connects with Colston against cornerback back Richard Sherman? It’s easy to see where this is going.

Final score: Saints 21, Seahawks 27

Week 14: vs. Carolina Panthers

The Saints return come back home looking to regain momentum. Brees lights it up against the secondary and Ryan’s defense makes sure there is no chance for quarterback Cam Newton to make a comeback.

Final score: Saints 34, Panthers 27

Week 15: @ St. Louis Rams

It’s the final leg of the season, and nothing is locked up yet. Brees makes short work of the Rams.

Final score: Saints 35, Rams 17

Week 16: @ Carolina Panthers

In a shootout, Brees bring his team down the field to tie the game in the final seconds. Panthers win the toss. Newton takes a big step and leads his team down the field to set up a game winning field goal.

Results: Saints 28, Panthers 31 (OT)

Week 17: vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Notching an 11th win here secures a playoff spot. New Orleans leaves everything on the field to take it.

Results: Saints 34, Bucs 24

Season record: 11-5

The New Orleans Saints return to their winning ways with head coach Sean Payton back and calling the shots. After rough start to the season, Rob Ryan returns the defense back to respectability. Overall, New Orleans has a a very successful campaign that ends in a playoff berth.


LMAO..go look at the espn nfc south blog  "Friday chat".   Those first few


I said from the beginning that we will take the Division back. IMO, ATL. isn't strong enough to hold on to it for consecutive seasons..

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Brick finger

Love it! You are a far better blogger than I.

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504 N.O. EZ

O Snaps..... a new article for the NFC S !?!?

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Cam Of Steel

Revis and a rookie starting for the Bucs...well we know whos side we be targeted none stop....and it's not just because Revis is on the other...

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504 N.O. EZ

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