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Sits and Starts: Russell Wilson to struggle against Carolina Panthers

At long last, the big day has arrived. Fantasy football is here! And Rob and Penn are here with their Sits and Starts for Week 1.

At long last, the big day has arrived. Fantasy football is here! And Rob and Penn are here with their Sits and Starts for Week 1.

It’s football time! Today marks the start of the 2013 NFL season and with that the beginning of fantasy football! So here I am, about to go head to head with my partner Robert J. Russ on this week’s “Sits and Starts.”

To help you all out, we are going to shy away from the obvious picks. We have posted the detailed set of rules to which we will hold ourselves over on Pro Football Nostradamus (PFN), Robert’s personal website. To sum it up briefly, all of our “Starts” for QB, TE, or D/ST will be ranked outside the top 12, while our RB and WR “Starts” will be ranked outside the top 24. Conversely, our “Sits” for QB, TE, or D/ST will be ranked within the top 12 and within the top 24 for RB and WR.

We will abide by the weekly fantasy football player rankings posted by ESPN and will keep track of our recommendations, so you can hold us accountable.

Now for the twist: only my side of the challenge will be posted here at Water Cooler Sports. Robert’s half of “Starts and Sits” will be published in parallel over at PFN.


Last week

Chris: 0-0-0

Robert: 0-0-0

Year to date

Chris: 0-0-0

Robert: 0-0-0



Alex Smith @ Jacksonville Jaguars (ranked 21st)

The Kansas City Chiefs offense under new head coach Andy Reid is going to excel. Alex Smith will be able to hit wide receiver Dwayne Bowe on short to medium routes all day. Not to mention, running back Jamaal Charles is going to be a beast out of the backfield on flat routes. (15 fantasy football points)

Matt Schaub @ San Diego Chargers (19th)

The Houston Texans will most likely ease running back Arian Foster into this year due to health concerns. They also have a new weapon in rookie DeAndre Hopkins. While the Charger’s poor defense focuses on Foster and Ben Tate, Matt Schaub is going to be airing it out. (18 ffp)


Ahmad Bradshaw @ Oakland Raiders (25th)

Oakland is a bad team all around, and the Indianapolis Colts will be pounding the rock with their newly acquired running back. If he gets the majority of the share time over Vick Ballard, Ahmad Bradshaw might not be a sleeper for long. (15 ffp)

Ronnie Hillman @ Baltimore Ravens (38th)

Ronnie Hillman should be the Denver Broncos starter Week 1. As long as he doesn’t give up the ball, I expect head coach John Fox to make him the main workhorse. (15 ffp)

Shane Vareen @ Buffalo Bills (28th)

Quarterback Tom Brady lacks receiving weapons, so I expect Stevan Ridley and Shane Vareen to get a lot of work, at least until tight end Rob Gronkowsk returns from injury. Vareen is the better pass-catching running back and I think he’ll benefit because of it. (10 ffp)


Kenny Britt – @ Pittsburgh Steelers (43rd)

Kenny Britt has immense talent and is healthy again. He will benefit from a drastically improved Tennessee Titans offensive line. Running back Chris Johnson will reap the benefits and be the focal point of defenses, making Britt the real beneficiary. This old defense can’t keep up with Britt’s speed. (18 ffp)

Steve Johnson @ New England Patriots (30th)

The Buffalo Bills wide receiver has already started the smack talk by publicly declaring that the Patriots defense can’t stop him. I think he’s right. Cornerback Darrelle Revis always had a hard time covering this guy. Can rookie quarterback E.J. Manuel get the ball to him? I bet he can at least once — for a big score. (12 ffp)

Darrius Heyward-Bey @ Oakland Raidrs (49th)

That guy’s a bust! Yes, he was — in Oakland. Now Darrius Heyward-Bey is with a whole new team and a much better quarterback in Andrew Luck. DHB brings to the Indianapolis Colts what they haven’t had in awhile: speed. Playing against his old team, he’ll bring his A-game. One big catch is all it takes from this speedster. (11 ffp)

Mike Williams @ New York Jets (33rd)

The Jets defense will be focused on running back Doug Martin and wide receiver Vincent Jackson. But Jackson likes to disappear a lot. He’ll take the focus and Mike Williams will open up his third year with a lot of catches and a score. (14 ffp)


Fred Davis @Philadelphia Eagles (15th)

I expect this Eagles team to stack the boxes and bring the pressure on quarterback Robert Griffin III. Fred Davis has a lot of talent just waiting to break out. Here it comes. (12ffp)


Kansas City Chiefs @ Jacksonville Jaguars (14th)

The Chiefs defense was not the reason the team went 2-14 last year. They held opponents under 14 points nine times and still lost all of those games. I’m calling sleeper defense of the year on this one. And when did the Jaguars get an offense? (6ffp)

Arizona Cardinals @ St. Louis Rams (15th)

I can hear it already: “The Cardinals?! They suck!” I know their offensive line took a big hit when it lost Jonathan Cooper for the year. But I still think this offense is better than last year’s and will keep the defense better rested. Oh, and they improved an already good defense. I’m not buying into the hype surrounding the Rams and wide receiver Tavon Austin hype. The Cardinals have their way with quarterback Sam Bradford. (6ffp)



Russell Wilson @ Carolina Panthers (12th)

As a rookie, Russell Wilson struggled at Bank of America Stadium last year, and this is an early-season cross-country game for the Seattle Seahawks. The Panthers front seven is going to limit running back Marshawn Lynch, allowing them to focus on Wilson. (10 ffp)


Marshawn Lynch @ Carolina Panthers (4th)

Lynch will get shut down early and often. He won’t have any “Beast Mode” moments this game. (8 ffp)


Vincent Jackson @ New York Jets (8th)

Vincent Jackson will draw all the attention from the secondary. He’s a player who likes to disappear when the going gets tough, and once he sees Williams shredding the defense, he’ll stop caring in a contest that’ll put the Tampa Bay Buccaneers way ahead early and allow them to pound the run game late. (4 ffp)


Kyle Rudolph @ Detroit Lions (8th)

In 2012, Kyle Rudolph put up two points or less in seven games. He scored zero and 12 points against the Lions last year. His value is completely tied to touchdowns. How much do you want to bet on Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder getting him the ball? (2 ffp)


Chicago Bears @ Cincinnati Bengals (6th)

Call it a hunch if you want. Robert calls it bold. The Bears defense isn’t going to be ready for the Bengals offense, which I think will be much improved and surprise a lot of people. Quarterback Andy Dalton just has too many weapons. The success of the Bears defense may rely on the outcome of the match-up between cornerback Charles Tillman and wide receiver A.J. Green. Who will win? Oh, and please, don’t tell me this defense will perform as well as last year. There’s no way they score that many touchdowns again. (2 ffp)


I don't like the message this article is giving. Don't drink and draft? What's the fun in that?

Nardo - 8-8 Is Great
Nardo - 8-8 Is Great

Ugh changing strings on a guitar with a Floyd Rose tremelo bridge is a fucking bitch.  Well it isn't really but it had been so long since I had done one properly I forgot a step and had to balance the whole thing out again.  SERENITY NOW, SON!


Hope Rice get's me some td's tonight...he's on a few of my fantasy teams.


@mountaineer4ever It's gonna be a very interesting game sunday..both of our olines are struggling, our D's aren't very good..I expect a high-scoring game..

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We made it!!!!!

The offseason is over!!!!!


@G & G 

meh... it doesn't really feel over until my team plays


@Buhlitz @G & G I kinda feel the same way I could care less about either of these teams playing tonight..but still gonna watch it.