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WCS Week 3 Power Rankings: Seattle Seahawks rule the roost

With their throttling of the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Seattle Seahawks rocket to the top of the Week 3 Power Rankings.

With their throttling of the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Seattle Seahawks rocket to the top of the Week 3 Power Rankings.


With three weeks of the NFL regular season in the books, the one thing that is clear is that nothing is clear.

This week was nothing if not entertaining. We had quarterbacks kicking footballs and punters throwing touchdowns. I’ve been having seizures since seeing Tom Brady’s plaid blazer in his postgame presser, so forgive me if these rankings aren’t in the exact order you would have them. I’m sure I mixed it up enough to stir some vigorous debate.

Allow me to address a few arguments I’m sure will arise.

1. How can you have two 1-2 teams in the top 12?

At the beginning of the season, I predicted the Packers would go 11-5 and win the NFC North. Believe it or not, I factored in close losses to San Francisco and Cincinnati. I see no reason to drop  them in the rankings at this point.

As far as San Francisco is concerned, I’m giving them a pass this week. They have played three good teams, and I’ll be the first to admit, they have looked bad the last two weeks. This is the NFL. Teams will figure you out. San Francisco has a ton of talent on both sides of the ball, and a coach who knows how to adjust. I’m not ready to kick them to the curb after three games.

2. The Bears are too high.

I agree.

3. The Saints are too low.

Beating the Cardinals does not make you Super Bowl favorites. Navigate the next three weeks, and you’ll have your respect.

I never meant to hurt any of you, and I truly, truly, truly, love each and every one of you. Remember, these are Power Rankings. They are not league standings. If you don’t like them, get off the internet and get back to work!

You said it

rocketman69697: I still believe Seattle is overrated. Sure, their defense has been great the first 2 weeks, but their offensive ranks are:

  • Total Yards – 23rd
  • Passing Yards – 24th
  • Rushing Yards – 7th
  • Points – 18th

That does not seem like a well rounded offense to me, seems like a team that is living on their defense.

JJ: In their two weeks, they faced Carolina and San Francisco’s defenses. Try running the numbers again.

jwoude23 bear down:  How can you have PHI ranked well ahead of SD?  SD just beat Philly in Philly, and they have the same record. SD lost to a better team (Hou vs. SD) and beat a better team (PHI vs. WAS)

JJ: I can’t believe you would care where either team is ranked, but I listen to the little people. I hope these rankings are more to your liking.

P.S. – If this is about the Coolies, you can have one of mine.

Who’s hot

The Indianapolis Colts. They not only went to San Francisco and kicked the 49ers’ butts, but they were also the more physical team.

Honorable mention

The Baltimore Ravens. If they can grind out wins until their defense gels, they will be in the mix when it counts.

On the move

Indy is up 11, and Houston is down 11.

It’s time to rank ‘em and spank ‘em!

Week 3 Power Rankings

Seattle Seahawks3-0To think it all started with a touchdownception.
By the way, did you really give up 17 points to Jacksonville?
Denver Broncos3-0Keep it up. You're a pleasant distraction to fires and floods.
Chicago Bears3-0Apparently nobody told you the Pittsburgh Steelers have a "Do Not Resuscitate" order.
Cincinnati Bengals2-1That's right, they're 2-1. What are you gonna do about it?
New England Patriots3-0You're very average, but you're winning.
Green Bay Packers1-2Flukes and concentrated injuries! You're turning into the Lions!
New Orleans Saints3-0Drew Breeze wore the gayest shirt I've ever seen in a postgame press conference.
Kansas City Chiefs3-0You might have a shortage of pumpkin pickers if you keep this up.
Miami Dolphins3-0That Tannahann really has my attention.
Indianapolis Colts2-1I can't get past how much Andrew Luck looks like a caveman.
San Francisco 49ers1-2This teams been dekaepitated.
Detroit Lions2-1I bet you weren't so outraged when the Calvin Johnson rule went in your favor.
Baltimore Ravens2-1I see you woke up.
Houston Texans2-1Don't look now, but you may not be the best team in Texas much longer.
Dallas Cowboys2-1Congratulations. You're the second highest rated team with a grossly overpaid quarterback.
Atlanta Falcons1-2Excuses are not part of the tiebreaker formula.
Tennessee Titans2-1Look at you sneaky little bastards.
Carolina Panthers1-2Yeah, Cam!
St. Louis Rams1-2Where's the team that went 4-1-1 in your division?
Buffalo Bills1-2You're only here to piss off Jets fans.
New York Jets2-1Children laugh behind your backs.
San Diego Chargers1-2When did Philip Rivers pick up the kicking duties?
Philadelphia Eagles1-2Losing to your old coach must feel like a monkey eating its own shit.
Arizona Cardinals1-2Get your tickets early. Missouri might have a shortage of pumpkin pickers this year.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers0-3You're the best 0-3 team ever!
Washington Redskins0-3The saddest thing is that they may win their division.
Pittsburgh Steelers0-3I have you winning the intramural league at the retirement home.
Cleveland Browns1-2Hoyer-ray for you!
Minnesota Vikings0-3Sorry, but you lost to the Cleveland Steamers.

P.S.: Punters don't kick field goals.
New York Giants0-3Remember when it was your defense that was known for sacks?
Oakland Raiders1-2Keep your chins up. One more win, and you could jump a dozen other teams.
Jacksonville Jaguars0-3Congratulations! You've scored the same number of points as the Chicago Bear defense.

New article about why the bears still suck 8=======D

0125 moderator

@ silent ashes

The falcons lost starters Kroy Biermann (DT), Sean Weatherspoon (LB), Bradie Ewing (FB) for the year. 

Roddy White, Steven Jackson, Julio Jones, Asante Samuel, Sam Baker  (starting LT) have been banged up. Roddy White has been nursing a high ankle sprain since the preseason and Julio has been playing through his ailments. 

G & G
G & G moderator

Where is MaC?


Have to say, ya bunch of pole smokers... got the iPhone 5S yesterday and like it a lot. Android be damned.


Imagine this poll at the start of the season: 
What will slow down the Lions passing game? 
A. The 2012 regression of Mathew Stafford 
B. The inexperienced offensive line 
C. Lack of running game 
D. Pizza

0125 moderator

But that still doesnt excuse Sunday's loss!


@G & G according to his Facebook he is at some conference thing for work in San Francisco 


Both iphones and Androids are as overrated as the Bears in this list.

0125 moderator

Unfortunate injury for the Lions. Have you seen the Falcons injury list? Crazy! Now they are saying Steven Jackson is out until week 7


I guess it makes sense..just look at our history. Pizza slowed down WR Mike Williams (fat) and WR Charles Rogers (munchies) too.


@S1L3NT_ashes that really is the only thing about my home town i like, we have 4 mom and pop pizza shops and all of them are good and different so depending on your mood there is a pizza for it 


Why would you do something like that to a pizza. You should eat it.


Oh I wouldn't do anything so bland. By the way, the super cute girl who is going to hit on you in the next day or two.... She totally isn't an assassin, go for it.

G & G
G & G moderator

@S1L3NT_ashes Please don't drop the gun in the nearest lake from your house


I killed him, ok? You happy now? He was annoying me, talked about how Spagghettio's weren't good. So I had to kill him. Happy now?

0125 moderator

It might just be to get him ready for the 2nd half. With the way Quizz and Snelling played, their is no need to rush jackson back. I have never seen a hamstring take that long to heal..