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Nailed It! 2013: Settling into the groove in Week 3

“The Saints are who we thought they were.”

That is what I would imagine Denny Green would say if he looked at the results of this past week.

For the first time in the history of the Pantheon, we had 10 people get a prediction correct on a single game.  That prediction just so happened to be how many points the Saints would score.

Our prognosticators were also able to get many more predictions correct, as 20-plus names were added to the Pantheon for the third straight week.

However, nobody was able to correctly predict the final score again this week, so I’m beginning to think we may have set our bar too high with the two correct predictions in week one. Oh, well.  I’m sure more correct final score predictions will come, but in the meantime you can read on to find out exactly just who Nailed It!

Literally...a nailed "it"

A nailed “it.” Literally

Final score

These are the people who have (somehow) correctly predicted the final outcome of a game. The only shot that was called that could be considered more famous than these belongs to Babe Ruth. Bow down before their wisdom! (And make sure you ask them for next week’s lotto numbers.)

  • None this week.

Scoring differential

These are the ones who correctly predicted the margin by which the victors would best their competition. These are also the ones to consult if you want to bet the spread.

  • Chicago @ PittsburghDonny_Donowitz33 and MIBearFan both correctly predicted a 17-point victory for the Bears.
  • Green Bay @ Cincinnati EvilDonkey correctly predicted a four-point victory for the Bengals.
  • Cleveland @ Minnesota  NightStalkerThief correctly predicted a four-point victory for the Browns.
  • Detroit @ Washington EvilDonkey, jwoude23, and Nonstopdrivel all correctly predicted a seven-point victory for the Lions.

Total combined score

These are those who somehow managed to pick the correct total score but did not have any clue in how the teams would actually get there. Still, if you want to bet an over/under, you could do worse than consulting with them.

  • Detroit @ WashingtonMIBearFan correctly predicted both teams would combine for 47 points.
  • Arizona @ New Orleansjwoude23 correctly predicted the teams would combine to score 38 points.

Winning team’s score

  • Detroit @ WashingtonThe Real Cjammin and falconsriseup19 both correctly predicted that the Lions would score 27 points in a victory.
  • Tampa Bay @ New Englandrobertj72 correctly predicted that the Patriots would score 23 points in a victory.
  • Arizona @ New Orleansandylet445, BearsSaveLives, Big Cheese, Dwargs, Jeff_Schulz, LaCWrestler, MKE, robertj72, rocketman6969, and The Real Cjammin all correctly predicted that the Saints would score 31 points in a victory.
  • Atlanta @ Miami BearsSaveLives and G & G both correctly predicted the Dolphins would score 27 points in a victory.
Catching the snap?  NAILED IT!

Catching the snap? Nailed it!

Against the grain

Oftentimes, our picks will be unanimous. However, there are those who will sometimes walk their own path.

  • Cleveland @ Minnesota  NightStalkerThief was the only one (out of 37!) who predicted a victory for the Browns.


Another week, another 25 names added to the halls of the Pantheon.  A small congratulations to NightStalkerThief for being the only one smart enough to think the Browns could defeat the Vikings.  At least I’d like to think it was a smart call and not just dumb luck. Either way, feel free to brag about that one for a while.  The Vikings let you earn that right.

If you would like to see whose names were added last season (or simply revel in your past greatness), you can see them in our Pantheon. The new wing for the names to be added this season will be added shorty. Now until next week, let’s give a little congratulatory clap to those who are listed in this article. Or not. Your choice.

If you would like to have your name forever enshrined in the vast expanse that is the internet, simply call your shot in the comment section below for the games of the NFC North and the NFC South. I will be reviewing the comments, and keeping track as the season goes on.


Late entry (last time, as the slew of Jewish Holidays come to an end):

Bears 30 Lions 20

Steelers 24 Vikings 17

Falcons 28 Patriots 24

Cards 31 Bucs 6

Dolphins 27 Saints 21



Lions 24. Bears 17

Patriots 20 Falcons 17

Saints 21 Dolphins 27

Steelers 13 Vikings 17

Arizona 24. Tampa Bay 21



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