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WCS Week 11 Power Rankings: Retirement home staff popping corks for ’72 Dolphins

The Denver Broncos triumphed over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday Night Football, unseating the final undefeated team of the 2013 NFL regular season.

The Denver Broncos triumphed over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday Night Football, unseating the final undefeated team of the 2013 NFL regular season.


The final undefeated team has fallen.

The Kansas City Chiefs put up a good effort, but the altitude in Denver took its toll as the defense looked gassed after the first series. They also learned a valuable lesson in defending Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. The man gets the ball out quickly.

KC needs to send more men, disguise their blitzes, and press the receivers. They will get the edge back in two weeks.

This week the home team won 12 of 15 games played, which is not atypical as the season rolls on and weather becomes a factor. The one thing that is sure is that there is no sure thing.

Three plays generated headlines this week. All involved penalties.

The first incident involved Indianapolis Colts Erik Walden, who ripped the helmet off Tennessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker — and then head butted him. It was an incredibly violent and dangerous act, and Walden should have been ejected from the game. He was not. Furthermore, the NFL merely suspended Walker for one game with no fine.

Commissioner Rodger Goodell has no sense of justice.

The second play occurred in the fourth quarter of the Saints-Niners game, with the San Francisco 49ers up 20 to 17. Linebacker Ahmad Brooks hit New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees, drawing a penalty. The hit caused a fumble, which was subsequently recovered by linebacker Patrick Willis, and would have allowed the 49ers to run out the clock.

Instead, the penalty resulted in the Saints’ retaining possession and eventually coming back to win the game.

I understand why the officials called the penalty — Brees’ head snapped, and it sure looked like Brooks had hit him in the head — and even think they made the right call based on what they saw at full game speed.

Nevertheless, I don’t think Brooks’ actions qualified as an infraction. The replay showed that Brooks had made contact with the chest, and it was a good football play. It’s fortunate that Drew Brees has a Slinky for a neck. This play will have people screaming for video review of penalties.

Then there was the final play of the Monday Night game, which took the nation by storm.

The New England Patriots were driving with three seconds left on the clock. Quarterback Tom Brady threw a pass to the end zone which was intercepted by the Carolina Panthers to end the game.

The controversy arose when the officials threw a penalty flag that would have given the Patriots one more shot to win the game — only to pick up the flag and give Carolina the win. Many people felt that the flag was appropriate. They argued that Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly had raped Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski on the play.

I watched the replay several times from several angles, and I can assure you there was no penetration.

You said it

Rourke:  I am overqualified for everything I have experience with and under qualified for anything I want to do. I am in the limbo of hell.

JJ: Try writing pro bono for a sports blog, and getting shit every week for your opinion.

FalconsFan0125: Panthers are a dark horse to win the SB.

JJ: I agree.

Who’s hot

The Carolina Panthers, winners of six in a row.

Who’s not

The Houston Texans. Losing to the Oakland Raiders at home is a new low.

Honorable mention

Nate Koenig: Congratulations on bilking poor bloggers out of there hard earned cash, for A piss poor picture of a pug.

JJ: After all, alliteration allures.

It’s time to rank ’em and spank ’em!

Week 11 Power Rankings

Denver Broncos9-1Not too shabby for a quarterback with cankles.
Seattle Seahawks10-1Looks like wide receiver Percy Harvin willed his migraines to the Vikings.
Kansas City Chiefs9-1"If you wanted someone who could come from behind, you should have signed Neil Patrick Harris."
--Alex Smith
Carolina Panthers7-3What happens in the end zone, stays in the end zone.
New Orleans Saints8-2Go go Gadget neck!
Indianapolis Colts7-3Looks like the "helmet-rip-head butt" drill is starting to pay off.
New England Patriots7-3Thank God for that fiasco on the last play. If it weren't for that, people might be talking about the 75-, 81-, and 83-yard touchdown drives you gave up.
Cincinnati Bengals7-4If you could only play the Browns at home every week.
Chicago Bears6-4Soldier Field is the best part of your defense.
San Francisco 49ers6-4Don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching you lose. I just think you're better than that.
Arizona Cardinals6-4It's nice to see the bird finally get the better of the cat, even if it is just a Jaguar.
Detroit Lions6-4Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. We've seen this movie before.
Philadelphia Eagles6-5You'll stay right here. I'm sick of moving NFC East teams up one week just to move them down the next.
Miami Dolphins5-5The NFL is looking into allegations that you were hazing the Chargers.
Dallas Cowboys5-5Is 14 days long enough to get over a 32-point beatdown? I don't know. I'm just asking.
New York Giants4-6I'm not sure if it's the four wins in a row, the fact that you play Dallas next, or the suckfest of a division in which you reside, but I'm moving you up
New York Jets5-5Rex Ryan is a genius motivator . . . every other week.
Pittsburgh Steelers4-6Bumble beatdown!
Baltimore Ravens4-6Damn rain delays.
Green Bay Packers5-5I'm praying for the speedy recovery of Aaron Rodgers. (Once you're mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.)
Oakland Raiders4-6Lane Kiffen is still available.
Cleveland Browns4-6You're not the first team who's slept with Jason Campbell. Good luck with that.
St. Louis Rams4-6Who should we expect coming out of the bye? The team who beat the Colts, or the team who lost to Atlanta?
Tennessee Titans4-6You need this next win. Don't forget, you have to face Jacksonville again.
Buffalo Bills4-7I realize you won, but lets face it, you have a snowball's chance in hell of making the playoffs.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers2-8Looks like you've rallied around saving Greg Schiano's job. Good work.
Washington Redskins3-7Things aren't so rosy in Skins camp. This week, wide receiver Santana Moss told quarterback Robert Griffin III, "Nah nah nah nah nah nah!" and RGIII replied, "Oh no you d'int!"
San Diego Chargers4-6If you were my child, I'd put you in a rubber room. With a helmet.
Atlanta Falcons2-8If you win just one more game, the Saints would be my choice.
Minnesota Vikings2-8You have pretty stiff competition for the No. 1 draft pick. Don't screw it up by winning any more games.
Houston Texans2-8Houston, you have a problem.
Jacksonville Jaguars1-9Once again, you're the stool at the bottom of the pool.

Well, I'm out fellas. Yall enjoy the game tomorrow.


WHODATNATION .... what do you guys think bout Corey White taking the place of Jabari? ... I think he is more than capabler ...


I know Victor Butler can come back this year, but I hope he doesn't, it would be better if he got fully healthy and have a full training camp in 2014.

0125 moderator

Im out. See yall tomorrow. GO FALCONS (Sigh). 


dont get me wrong .... i like you ... but finally you decided to take a break from talking your panthers up ....


@LSU4LIFE They have three weeks to decide what to do with him. I think that he will stay on the PUP for the rest of the season. He is only 6 months removed from surgery. It usually takes 8-12 months to make a full recovery.


@JJ Brandon "Buck" Lafell That's true. Because I am transferring from our office in New Zealand to the one in Australia, I have been home for the whole thing so far. But, I think that I will be going to work next week and will miss most of the rest of the season.


@saintinsiam @LSU4LIFE I hope so it's not worth the risk, he could be a very important part of our pass rush in the future, he would be an excellent compliment to Gallate on the other side.


You can watch any game online, and most cities abroad have bars where you can watch the game too. I watched the Packers lose to the Cardinals in the playoffs in a Frankfurt bar, I watched the Vikings lose to the Saints in someone's Frankfurt apartment through an online feed, I watched the Packers win the Super Bowl in a bar in Groningen . . . Plenty of options.


So I am not suppose to talk about how well Carolina has played lately...never talked up Carolina once.


@JJ Brandon "Buck" Lafell @mountaineer4ever I have read all your comments today .... just dint have the will or the energy to argue with you ..... I know your Panthers are good and have the best D in the league .... but chillout dude ..... still a long way to go for all teams in this league ....


@saintinsiam @mountaineer4ever yeah but White dint let the rest of the D down .... we can make a case that the game winning TD by Brady on us was all on Jabari .... but we dont talk bad about him for that now do we????


@saintinsiam @mountaineer4ever many plays? .... apart from that TD pass to Boldin, I cant remember 1 play where he was outta position ..... we held Kaepernick to 127 yds passing and he has averaged 174 for the season ...


@saintinsiam @mountaineer4ever when did he get burnt .... the only play he missed was that back shoulder TD pass to Boldin .... and thats fine considering the fact that he was thrown into that situation due to an ingame injury ...... he is one of the better tacklers in our secondary ...


@mountaineer4ever @saintinsiam Yeah, but he got burned as well. He is showing promise but he did not play too well against the 49ers. And he needs to learn to hang on to the ball.


@Tolzien is Da Truf Not always. It really depends on which shift you are working. We work 12 hour shifts and after working all you really want to do is get some sleep. The job is stressful and tiring.


Ah. The games are always during work hours?


@Tolzien is Da Truf That's not the problem. My job is pretty important to the safety of the drilling program and the rig crew. Whilst working, I do not have the time to spend online and most of our clients have regulations regarding internet usage while at work.


You can't get satellite internet? It's rather affordable these days.


@Tolzien is Da Truf Not really for me. I work on oil rigs and unfortunately because of the nature of my job, I can't watch online.