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CQBR: Josh McCown towers over NFL in Week 14

Quarterback Josh McCown was spectacular in Week 14, leading the Chicago Bears to a decisive victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

Quarterback Josh McCown was spectacular in Week 14, leading the Chicago Bears to a decisive victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

The NFL rebounded in Week 14 to post one of the most amazing weekends of quarterback play we’ve seen in recent memory.

A sparkling total of eight quarterbacks posted Complete Quarterback Ratings (CQBRs) in excess of 100.00, and fully four of them exceeded the 110.00 mark — an almost unheard-of level of efficiency. In addition, another three players recorded ratings better than 90.00.

On the other hand, their exceptional play was counterbalanced by one of the worst outings by a veteran starter that we’ve seen all year. Even so, the average CQBR on the week was a scintillating 58.71.

Fantastic Five

After hovering just outside the top five for weeks, Josh McCown came into his own on Monday Night Football, leading the Chicago Bears to a decisive rout of the Dallas Cowboys. Despite a few bad throws that could have given the ball back to Dallas, he completed a stellar 75 percent of his passes at an impeccable 9.7 yards per attempt, connecting for four touchdowns and rushing for another. The result was a fantastic CQBR of 147.18.

Almost a full 30 points behind McCown was Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton, who threw three touchdowns and rushed for another. He assembled an excellent completion rate of 68.6 percent to average 7.9 yards per attempt, finishing with a CQBR of 118.04.

Making yet another appearance near the top of the leaderboard, Philip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers completed 75 percent of his passes and averaged 8.9 yards per attempt as he tossed three touchdowns. The major blot on his record that dropped him into third place was the fumble he lost. Even so, his CQBR was a superb 117.41.

He was virtually a non-factor for most of the season, but Alex Smith has really come on lately for the Kansas City Chiefs. He only attempted 20 passes, of which he completed 70 percent for a somewhat lackluster 6.9 yards per attempt. He notched two touchdown passes and protected the football to sport a CQBR of 112.34.

Capitalizing on the opportunities afforded him, Jason Campbell continues to prove his starting chops with the Cleveland Browns. He threw three touchdowns and a 65.9-percent completion rate, accumulating 391 yards on 44 attempts to round out the Fantastic Five at a 106.13 CQBR.

Honorable Mentions

It was a prolific week of scoring across the league, as teams combined to score an NFL-record 104 touchdowns, including a record 90 on Sunday alone. So we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the accomplishments of the other quarterbacks who broke the century mark in Week 14:

  • Carson Palmer (Arizona Cardinals): 105.61
  • Andrew Luck (Indianapolis Colts): 105.53
  • Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints): 102.08

Flaccid Five

The struggles persisted for the Houston Texans again this week. Case Keenum didn’t do much of anything right. He only completed 55.2 percent of his passes, averaged just 5.5 yard per attempt, and threw a touchdown that was offset by an interception and a fumble to drop his CQBR to 32.96.

What could be more beneficial to a young quarterback than a defense that can take control of the game? Mike Glennon must be counting his blessings after fumbling once, putting up a meager 36.0-percent completion rate, averaging an atrocious 3.6 yards per attempt, and throwing two interceptions — yet somehow still coming out on top. A pair of touchdown passes is the only thing that spared him from posting a negative CQBR. It’s a testament to how well this Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense played that they were able to win despite Glennon’s 13.50 CQBR.

Poor in every phase of the game is the best way to describe Kellen Clemens‘ effort this week. The St. Louis Rams signal caller averaged 6.7 yard per attempt for just 181 yards, throwing two interceptions and fumbling once to register a CQBR of 9.81.

Sometimes a rookie can’t help but look like a rookie, and Buffalo Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel sure looked like a rookie this week. His completion rate of 54.5 percent wasn’t terrible, but the four interceptions he threw sure were. Manuel was the Bucs’ MVP of that game, and his CQBR of 0.35 reflects that.

But even he had a good day compared to Matthew Stafford, who tumbled to the bottom of the Flaccid Five in the blustery winds of Philadelphia. He fumbled an incredible five times, losing one of them; completed a paltry 40 percent of his passes; and failed to throw a touchdown, effectively foiling the best efforts of Detroit Lions running back Joique Bell and wide receiver Jeremy Ross. To fumble so many times in a single game is an exceedingly rare event, so it’s not much of a surprise that Stafford’s CQBR plummeted to -40.17.

Week 14 CQBR

Josh McCown3675.09.70435.31170147.18
Andy Dalton3568.67.90352.21000118.04
Philip Rivers2875.08.90300.00251117.41
Alex Smith2070.06.90223.50000112.34
Jason Campbell4465.98.903213.50150106.13
Carson Palmer3284.48.4011-1.00170105.61
Andrew Luck4663.07.104216.00000105.53
Drew Brees4271.47.50431.00291102.08
Tony Romo2055.05.2031-1.00214099.58
Peyton Manning5966.16.7043-0.3000093.71
Geno Smith2564.08.811510.01110090.17
Ben Roethlisberger3959.08.90318.00321185.29
Ryan Tannehill3360.66.113228.00321173.15
Matt Cassel3844.77.00223.0000063.02
Kyle Orton560.08.00000.0000062.65
Matt Flynn3275.08.11164.70536161.85
Tom Brady5261.58.01220.50421161.53
Chad Henne2744.44.30248.3016060.42
Cam Newton3464.74.70168.00549058.33
Nick Foles2250.08.11163.8100156.52
Matt Schaub2958.66.81117.00228051.17
Eli Manning3262.58.12100.00218051.08
Matt Ryan3557.15.91200.0014150.90
Ryan Fitzpatrick2454.27.21114.00214048.50
Matt McGloin3158.17.912210.00332246.18
Joe Flacco5056.04.933122.00217045.75
Russell Wilson2560.08.01112.00221142.75
Colin Kaepernick2951.76.01193.40220041.90
Robert Griffin III2646.26.31147.30516036.14
Case Keenum2955.25.511113.0016132.96
Terrelle Pryor540.04.00031.3000024.70
Mike Glennon2536.03.62210.0019013.50
Kellen Clemens2759.36.72025.0042419.81
EJ Manuel3354.55.64055.8073700.35
Kirk Cousins1643.83.70000.001151-10.04
Matthew Stafford2540.05.9006-0.20005-40.17
Chase Daniel333.35.7103-1.00000-49.38

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Maized and Confused
Maized and Confused

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Danica probably just didn't really know what it takes to be a good roast victim.  She had her own joke later, showing she had a sense of humor about it.  Her boyfriend seemed just as stone faced too.  

Also, her looks are really overrated.

Cheeky Bastard
Cheeky Bastard

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So, uh, why did someone on Twitter just retweet an article we published back in March? I wonder if there are some new comments on it.


Shhhh that was supposed to be our secret fort you dingbat


I will say that when I compare recent roasts to the roasts from the Golden Age of Roasting, they were much better back then. They had to be much more discreet about profanity and so on, so the jokes were actually clever. Nowadays a lot of roasters seem to substitute profanity for wit.@bp.


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Or Skanky Fuck Holes. That would be good too.

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bp. moderator

Premise, yes, premise no. 2, still good, I'm with you, conclusion.... whoa, that veered quickly.@bp.@Rourke

Cheeky Bastard
Cheeky Bastard

Yeah. Kicking him in the dick repeatedly does nothing but say one bad thing about Nelson Mandela and he's gone forever@Benjamin Rajile